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General Conditions of Sale

Placing an online bid indicates your acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions of the sale and constitutes a legal and binding contract between you and Tarrant & Harman Real Estate and Auction that will be executed without exception.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All bidders must be properly registered with T&H either live or online in order to bid. Real estate auctions will require proof of funds or a bank letter of guarantee prior to approval for online bidding.
  2. In the event of a disputed bid, the auctioneer will have sole and exclusive authority to resolve the dispute and determine the winning bidder.
  3. Anyone 18 years of age or older and of good creditworthiness (as determined by T&H), may bid at this auction, including the auctioneer or auction staff.
  4. Items subject to Buyer’s Premium for online bids, if stated in individual auction descriptions.
  5. Reserves: Some items in this auction may be offered subject to a reserve, which is a confidential, minimum price, below which the item cannot be sold.
  6. Any dispute or litigation resulting from the sale of items in this auction will take place in the judicial system in the State of Illinois.
  7. Real estate property is selling as/is, where/is. All inspections must be conducted prior to the day of sale. Highest bidder will enter into an auction sales contract and be required to put a non-refundable 10% down.
  8. All announcements sale day take precedence over any pre-printed material.
  9. Please note: The online auction platform allows for a "soft auction close" and...
    - If a lot receives a bid within the last 10 min. it will remain open for an additional 10 min.
    - If any further bidding occurs, the extension timer will reset to 10 min.
    - If no further bidding activity occurs, the lot closes when the timer runs out. 

Warranty Information

  1. Bidders are responsible for determining the authenticity of all items. It is the responsibility of the bidder to determine the age, materials, condition, quality, authenticity, classification, purported history and perceived value, regardless of what is written or said by T&H.
  2. All sales are final, no returns accepted.


  1. All personal property must be paid in full in USD within 24 hours of purchase time.
  2. T&H reserves the right to hold all merchandise until payments clear our bank.
  3. No personal property items will leave the auction premises without full payment.
  4. Real estate auctions require a 10% down payment and it is due within 24 hours of the auction ending. The down payment will be made by wire transfer to the escrow account of seller's choice of title company. If the down payment is not received within 24 hours of the auction ending the auction contract can and will be considered null and void.


  1. Shipping will occur after all payments have been cleared. T&H is not responsible for any damages that may occur during the shipping process. Buyer is responsible for shipping payment. The shipper will have the most up-to-date shipping and tracking information. Items left at T&H for more than 10 days after the date of the auction will be subject to a storage fee of $10 per day/per item unless prior arrangements have been made. If you choose to pick up your personal property, we request that you call 24 hours in advance to make arrangements.

Breach of Purchase

  1. Buyers must pay in full for any and all lots won at our auctions. If the buyer fails to pay the total purchase price for all items for which he/she was the highest bidder within 30 days from the auction date, T&H may exercise any and all legal remedies including but not limited to;
    1. Retaining the services of a collection agency with any collection fees being charged to the buyer.
    2. Reoffering the bidder’s items at auction without reserve and holding the buyer responsible for any deficiencies and processing fees.
    3. Reporting the buyer’s name to any auction firm that inquires regarding creditworthiness.
    4. Restricting the buyer from future bidding at T&H.
  2. All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 processing fee.

License Information

  • Mark Harman: IL Auctioneer License #441.001269
  • Jeff Harman: IL Auctioneer License #441.002121
  • Michael Harman: IL Auctioneer License #440.000536
  • Tarrant & Harman Real Estate and Auction Co: IL License #478.025734
  • Mark Harman: IL Real Estate Broker License #471.015081
  • Travis Tarrant: IL Real Estate Managing Broker License #471.016673